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10FT HIGH CUBE PALLET WIDE CONTAINER                                                                                              GENERAL STORAGE


        Royal Wolf’s 10ft shipping containers offer an extra   Royal Wolf’s new shipping containers have been
        30cm height and 6cm width than a standard storage   shipped to Australia containing cargo - in order to
        container, providing a storage container option for   reduce shipping costs - and often referred to as “one
        those with limited space. Whilst the height is ideal   trip”.  They may arrive with slight scratches, scuff-marks
        for larger items, the extra width provides just enough   or minor dents. Our one trip containers can be certified
        room to fit two Australian standard pallets side by side   for International Shipping or Domestic Rail travel at no
        on the floor.                              additional charge.


        External                                   Internal

                LENGTH           2.99M                     LENGTH            2.84M
                WIDTH            2.44M                     WIDTH             2.39M
                HEIGHT           2.90M                     HEIGHT            2.71M
                WEIGHT           1,450KG

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